The Originals

At the heart of the book is my love, respect and mindfulness for the quintessential beach cottage, they have architectural and cultural value and I've watched too many disappear over the years.The Originals shares seven beach house seen through the eyes of the intensely visual, homeowners. They are the places that have a story, a past – places that have captured the imagination. And owners that have embraced the imperfections, respected the structure, the simplicity and the quirkiness and created highly individual and to quote homeowner Sarah Blair, "unsuburban" homes. To ignore the old sometimes is to fail to acknowledge the ties that connect all of us. There is a movement to return to simplicity whether retaining and restoring an older home or building a contemporary home in a kinder way to the environment. The more virtual the world, the quicker the pace, the more we are going to want a crafted home. We are all craving the stuff of dreams. Your home is your story and it’s an ongoing story, make it last forever.

More than 200 evocative colour photographs of seven restored beach shacks, photography renowned interior photographers Sharyn Cairns and Felix Forest.  Art direction Andrea Healy.


Linen Curtain


With THE SHACK bathroom being featured across so many media platforms we’ve been inundated with enquiries about the linen shower curtains so we decided to get them made, and the second batch has landed!

So, ditch the motif adorned plastic shower curtain and breathe new life into your bathroom. The classic open weave linen curtain comes in a neutral wheat tone with beautiful handmade knotted tab details.

They’re pretty versatile - they’ve been used to diffuse the light in a living room, as a room divider, an open closet curtain, shade for the deck and privacy for the outdoor shower. It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria.  Please ensure if using around a shower it is very important they have airflow to allow them to dry in a breeze.  The linen will becomes softer and more pliable the more it is washed and these curtains can be thrown in the washing machine for a freshen up when need be. 

145cm length x 207cm height
100% Linen

$155 each
Plus postage 

New Delivery December 2023
Taking pre-orders email Deborah direct at