Consulting Editorial Director, site map and content creation for the soon to be launched The Together Project, a global marketplacefor the conscious-minded consumer, a marketplace dedicated to making change by providing opportunity for skilled artisans around the world. The Together Project hopes to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for craft producing communities globally.

The e-commerce platform will launch in 2020 and is founded by Amanda Talbot of Studio Snoop.

Client Testimonial

"I have known Deb professionally for years and when I began working on The Together Project  I contacted Deb straight away. I was not disappointed and she quickly showed why she is so respected in the industry. Creating a social enterprise from scratch I wanted to step away from the cliches we have all known and bring an updated version of what that could be. She brilliantly put together a content strategy for online and social. It really has set the pace for where we are wanting to go and Deb’s energy is contagious. She brings you on the journey and makes the whole working experience so enjoyable. I couldn’t have got this far without her."
Amanda Talbot Founder, The Together Project


David Ansah “Cozyshrt”; Ben Bond & Deborah Bibby